How can I subscribe?

Subscribing to Lives of the First World War gives you access to all premium records and exclusive features such as the ability to create and manage Communities, as well as all the free features of the platform. You do not need to subscribe to view and use Lives of the First World War. It is free to become a Member. Free membership allows you to search, Remember and edit Life Stories, and view other users' contributions.

To subscribe:
  • Click on Account in the top right of your Dashboard
  • Select My Subscription.
  • You will see a summary of your options. From here you can purchase a monthly or yearly subscription.
In order to ensure we provide you with an uninterrupted service, subscriptions will renew automatically every month or year unless you cancel.
  • You can buy a month’s subscription as a Friend for £6
  • You can buy a year’s subscription for £50.
To subscribe, visit the subscription page.

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