Why do Communities require a subscription?

The whole of the Lives of the First World War site, including Communities, can be viewed and shared by anyone online. You don't have to register or subscribe.

If you would like to create and manage your own Communities then you do need to subscribe to Lives of the First World War. Subscribing also gives you access to the growing list of premium records and special features including Community management. There are significant costs associated with the creation and operation of Lives of the First World War. We believe that we have found a fair balance between our wish to make it free to use for most members, whilst ensuring that those who support Lives of the First World War financially receive real value and additional benefits for their contribution.

Access to premium record sets will help Community managers to complete accurate research and build up Life Stories based on rich evidence. The Communities feature allows individuals and organisations to create their own area within Lives of the First World War, and to include their own information, organisation logo and URL. 

Communities provide individuals and organisations with their own personalised area of Lives of the First World War which they can use to create their own online memorials and share their own projects. This represents remarkable value when compared to the costs of them creating their own sophisticated website.

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