How will you use information or images I add?

When you become a Member of Lives of the First World War, you are asked to agree to a set of Terms and Conditions. This ensures that content you create remains your property, but IWM acquires the right to reuse this material.

Here are some examples of how we will use content you generate:-

  • to add it to life stories and make it available to other all website users
  • to make it available on other websites owned or operated by IWM and those that it is in partnership with;
  • to allow other users to download, print and save copies of your content for their private and non-commercial use;
  • for promotional purposes, such as marketing and advertising;
  • to help us improve our product and service offerings, including undertaking background searches;
  • to form part of the life story database that we build linking user content to records and datasets we hold;
  • to make it available to internet search engines;
  • for other services provided by IWM group companies or its partners.

These terms enable IWM to support the digital memorial on both current and future technologies, so that content is saved for future generations.

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