Do I have to pay to see records?

Lives of the First World War is free to browse, free to join and free to add to Life Stories – and always will be. You don’t need to register to browse and view Life Stories.

If you register, you can add information to Life Stories for free. We only charge for access to premium genealogy records that are always behind paywalls on the net and for access to special features (including creating your own Communities).

Any records we add which are currently free online elsewhere will also be free on Lives of the First World War.

Becoming a Member (free)

  • To add to a Life Story you need to register as a Member.
  • Membership of Lives of the First World War is free.
  • Once you have registered and signed in as a Member you can search, view and connect lots of free records without restriction.
  • Members can also search official records; you just won't be able to view detailed results, such as images or transciptions of premium record, without becoming a Friend of Lives of the First World War.

Subscribing (paid)

We need to charge for access to some records. Conserving the original paper records, creating indexes and catalogues, as well as digitisation, are all expensive processes, and some organisations therefore have to make a charge so they can recover their costs.

For a monthly subscription of £6, you can become a Friend of Lives of the First World War and gain unlimited access to all premium records.

You'll also benefit from access to special features, such as being able to create and manage your own Communities.

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