Can someone be added as a new Life Story?

Only IWM can create a Life Story page based on evidence of the individual's wartime contribution.

We have a feature which allows members of the public to propose a new Life Story based on information they have uncovered.

Before requesting a new Life Story, please follow these steps:

1. Check to see whether the individual meets the criteria for inclusion in Lives of the First World War

2. Search for the individual on Lives of the First World War.

  • Use the SEARCH BOX at the top of every page. Try surname and service number, if appropriate, e.g. “Smith 40348”
  • Try wildcards to match variations, e.g. “W* Tickle” to match “Will,” “William” or “Walter”
  • Middle names are rarely included in full. Try searching without and then narrow down your search.
  • Don’t forget names can be written in many ways. Try looking for variations, e.g. “John”, “Jon”, “Jack”, “Johnny”  or “J”
  • The person may have served under a different name, e.g. did a woman serve with her maiden or married name? Did they use a nickname, e.g. ‘Betty’ instead of ‘Bertha’?

If you believe that a Life Story page does not already exist, please use our feedback system to let us know. Make sure you provide as many details as you can.

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