How do I find someone?

Start by typing a name into the search bar at the top of the page.

You can also search using the box to the right of the screen on your dashboard. You can use a combination of name, unit and number, for example 'WC Tickle', 'Tickle 13510' or '13510 Essex'.

You will see a list of all the Life Stories that match your search criteria.

Refining your search

There are a few tips on your dashboard for refining your search.

  • There is also a Guide to finding a named individual.
  • If you get a lot of results for one name, use the menu on the left to narrow them down by regiment, rank, first name or initial.
  • It may help to look at several Life Stories to see if any sources of evidence, images or stories that have already been added match the information you have for that person.

Unfortunately, not every individual will have had their contribution to the war recorded. Records were not always kept at the time, and many were lost during the Second World War. Every effort will be made to create as many Life Stories as we have records for. You can find out who we aim to include in Lives of the First World War here.

Not sure of a name or details?

If you're looking for a family member but don't have all the details, this is a great time to start emptying your attic!

Speak to older family members and see whether they can remember anything about the person; go through old family photo albums or scrapbooks to see if you can discover anything there; ask if anyone has any family heirlooms.

Write down as much as you can as you research, and be sure to keep it safe. Remember the golden rule: always work backwards from what you know.

If you still can't find someone

If there is someone you believe should be listed and you cannot find them, please see 'Can I create a new Life Story?'

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