How do I add information to a Life Story?

Adding information is a two-step process - first, add evidence; second, add facts from the evidence.

Connecting Evidence

Evidence is anything that proves a fact - evidence might be an official record showing an enlistment date, a photo showing someone's regiment, a family letter mentioning an address:

  • Upload your own evidence, such as photos and papers
  • Find evidence elsewhere in other websites or publications
  • Find evidence here in our official genealogy records*

* Our 300 million genealogy records are free to search. Most require a subscription to view. See the full list.

Adding images

  • Upload a profile picture
  • Illustrate facts on the Timeline with relevant images

Sharing stories

  • Something handed down through your family
  • Something written in a journal or War Diary

Adding Facts from Evidence

Using the evidence you’ve uploaded, connect any facts that are shown.

IWM is asking you to use evidence to prove facts. We ask for evidence to ensure that Life Stories you contribute to are a legacy for future generations. 

If you’d like more assistance, please read our Guide to Adding to a Life Story

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