Who is included in Lives of the First World War?

Lives of the First World War includes men and women who made a contribution to the British war effort or a sacrifice during the First World War. These are the kinds of stories which we seek to feature:

  • Those who served with British Empire and Commonwealth forces, both at home and overseas
  • Individuals from Britain and Commonwealth countries who served with other nations
  • Those who served and died in the war between 4 August 1914 and 31 August 1921, as well as those who survived
  • Medical workers who cared for military personnel and civilians directly affected by the war
  • Industrial workers who produced goods for the war effort
  • Agricultural workers in the Women's Land Army and Forestry Corps 
  • Charity/welfare workers who helped military personnel and their families, and civilians directly affected by the war
  • Conscientious Objectors, who served in some capacity or were imprisoned
  • Civilians who died or were injured as a direct result of the war e.g. victims of enemy raids, munitions factory accidents, attacks on ships
  • Those who responded to incidents described above e.g. firefighters  

To search for an individual, please see the article How do I find someone?

We also have a feature which allows members of the public to propose a new Life Story based on information they have uncovered - please see Can someone be added as a new Life Story?

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