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Transcription errors

Transcription errors need to be able to be corrected. Pte/Sapper James Grindrod has been transcribed as James Grinrod. I could be adding history to a relative who cannot be found on the IWM when searched using his REAL name. No point to it unless errors in transcription can be put right.

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  • Heather Collins commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Transcription errors CAN be put right. Have a look at the medal card and if it does say "Grindrod" then you can use the source itself to "improve" the evidence. If it doesn't say Grindrod then first you need to be sure you have the right man and then as said below you need to add some new evidence (census or birth record maybe?) and change the name using that.

    If this is the man whose numbers are 220894 and WR/26300 then his card very clearly says Grindrod so you can use it to improve the facts (change the name) directly.

  • Brian Gallant commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Transcription errors occurred from time to time throughout the record keeping process. Recruiting sergeants misspelt names on attestation papers which would be repeated throughout the records.
    casualty returns were prepared in dugouts by candle light from damaged dogtags clerks at Brigade and Division HQ copied records by hand. Grave Registration teams in the frontline copied details from shell damaged Grave markers where they could find them. The medal rolls were created after the armistice by clerks only interested in demob. The medal cards were hurriedly created from the medal rolls for the sole purpose of keeping track of medals issued, never intended as documents of record. and the indexing of the cards by the National archives was done by poorly supervised volunteers.
    A word of caution, when you have found a miss-transcribed lifestory search the official records before you correct his name to find any other instances of the miss transcription which will not come up with the correct name!
    And don't blame the IWM for miss-transcribing anything many of the mistakes were made 100 years ago.

  • Trevor Penfold commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Add some evidence giving correct surname such as FreeBMD and then use that evidence to change his name.

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