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People not included

What a very confusing website !!!!!
As part of the RBL 'Every Man Remembered' I was given a man at random. 11390 Pte Archie Jackson who died 06/08/1918. He is not listed. Also my grandfather 6933 James Greenwood Lance Cpl Oxford and Bucks L.I. and my great uncle s/220597 Pte James Scarborough Cox RASC.

You say you started with the medal rolls so why arent these npeople on your website please ?

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    my grandfather Thomas Cameron RNVR CH/7630 is on the medal roll on Ancestry but not on here. HIs CO, who wrote his "regret" letter is on here though! i have checked under all Royal Navy units (they are very confusing early in the war) - RMRB; RMLI, RFR.............he's not there! it's ironic as i have "remember" a lot of men and women on here but can't do my own Grandfather! ;where is he.......?

  • Heather Collins commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    S/220597 is the number on his MIC against his service in ASC (not given as RASC on the card please note)

    There's a Pte James Cox ASC with no service number given, listed here

    I can't look at the medal card connected to him here to see if it's the right man, but I bet it is if someone with a paying subscription here takes a look.

  • Matt commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi again. So I had a poke around different sources for the missing man, and he's proving elusive. Are you able to let me know from where the s/220597 number originates? Is it from a card? This may help me to look somewhere else.

    Generally though, annoying as it is for you personally, this illustrates one of the reasons for this site to exist. There is no central, definitive source that indexes the lives of those connected to conflict. We need these mysteries to be highlighted so others can help solve them, and also so we can eventually create pages for the missing people.

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