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Name Transcription Error - Current record Arthur Neiass SN:#291674

Arthur Neiass
Date of Birth: 14/04/1870 – Date of Death: not yet known
Air Force (RAF/RFC), Service #291674

There appears to have been a transcription error with his first name– the original documents (Royal Air Force Records 1918-1840) show that the name is Alfred Neiass. All other details such as DOB, Next of Kin and Address match with details recorded in civilian records for Alfred Neiass.

If you could correct this small error that would be wonderful - as I have additional information I would like to add.

Thank you.

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  • Julie White commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Anne,

    Thanks for amending his name and for the guidance that if I find a similar situation on another record that it is OK for me to amend it.

    Kind regards


  • Anne IWM Volunteer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    His name on the record shows Alfred and it would have been possible for you to change the name yourself. Otherwise a document such as birth registration would suffice. I have amended his name for you.
    Regards, Anne

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