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More duplicates

Hi, here is the latest crop:

I have added the Medal Index Cards transcriptions to the ones I think should be the primaries.

Hugh Edmond Thellusson is primary,,, and are MiD duplicates

George Sumpter is primary, is an MiD duplicate despite having the IWM CWGC record attached

Edward Walter Comyn should be the primary, not which is an MiD duplicate, as are four others already identified

Percy Harrison Fawcett is primary,,,,, and are MiD duplicates

John Walter Povah is primary is an MiD duplicate

77314 William Henry Winder / W H James – an alias with two Life Stories? although named Winder has the medal card for W H James, the marriage certificate shows an admitted alias has the medal card for William Henry Winder

127049 Patrick McDonald seeded from the Medal Card and from the RAF Airmen, appear to be the same man – presumably you’ll have a lot of that

9928 E H Tacon appears three times although I can only find one M.M.:

though whether he’s Ernest Herbert or Edward Herbert I have no idea, as Birmingham doesn’t feature in either of them….

Hudleston Noel Hedworth Williamson is the primary and are MiD duplicates

67012 Sidney Alma Hatt is the primary, is the DCM duplicate

Walter Henry Densham is the primary, and are MiD duplicates

Major General Sir Thompson Capper

(I declare an interest – my seat in the Sandhurst Chapel was under his memorial!) is the primary,,

Major General John Edward Capper seems to have 7 MiDs: is the primary,,,,,,, and are the duplicates

Lieutenant Colonel A S Capper is the primary, and are duplicates

Major General Frederick Drummond Vincent Wing is the primary,, and are the duplicates

best wishes,


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  • Guy Wisbey commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks, Yvonne - I spotted Winder alias James doing something totally unrelated - I've got a couple of aliases in one of my communities so I'll check again to see how many medla index cards they have. If I recall correctly, I think I got 3,000 odd matches when I typed 'ALIAS' into the CWGC search; there were clearly a lot of them about.

    Thanks for the J E Capper photo; I'm trying to add them where I can. It's quite cheering to come across Lives where there has been some activity, as so many are going to be impossible to track down where there are hundreds of options to match initials.

    best regards, and thanks again,


  • Yvonne Fenter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Guy ...

    All these merges have now been done for you.

    I've sent you a Lives Mail message about Winder alias James ... hope it makes sense ... the intention is that a search on either name will find him, but the record in his declared real name is the primary one.

    Also ... I found an IWM photo of J E Capper, so I've added that to his Life Story for you.

    Yvonne (IWM Volunteer)

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