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John Edward Prance

Hello, there are three records for John Edward Prance, two of which share the same service number albeit at different ranks. I'm primarily interested in the J E Prance who was a Sergeant Observer when he was attacked by the Red Baron.

The following two Prance's share the same service number

The third may also be the same man as (from the service record) he died in Bideford which is where the above two lifes hailed from.

Also the name of the spouse is the same. The odd thing is the dates of birth for all three have been incorrectly transposed. It should be 1888 according to one record.

there may be another John Edward Prance since I've found a Gazette reference to a cadet..

But the date in the gazette matches the discharge (as sergeant) in the first first name above when he was promoted on probation.

I think they are all the same person but would welcome your thoughts.

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    Having looked at all the documents Trevor, I think you have it spot on. I've found 4 lifestories for him, his basic medal card, his DCM card, his RAF servicemen's record and his RAF Officers record! His year of birth varies wildly but I've seen other cases where there has been a mixup (I think what happened is they took his age on enlistment as his age on commission on his officers record and so shaved off a few years) There is a birth record in Bideford in late 1884 which would seem to tie in with all the other evidence. I will merge them all to the medal card record for you.
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