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A few more duplicates

I've identified some more duplicates, but as the record search is currently down I haven't been able to check them as much as I would like to: appears to be the primary for Maj-Gen Amyatt Hull, so,,,,,, and
are duplicates is the primary for Chetwode,,,,,, and are duplicates seems to be the primary for Maj Gen Gorringe,,,,,,,,,? SJ misread?

Byng currently has the wrong primary, it should be
with duplicates at and needing to be marked

Cavan's primary should be; there are duplicates at,,,,, and

Allenby's primary is,
there are duplicates at,,,,, and

Plumer's primary appears to be,
there are duplicates at,,,,, and

Wavell's primary is,
I think there are duplicates at and

Montgomery has the recognised primary at, but duplicates at, (identified),

I think that Birdwood's primary is incorrect, it should be
instead of

Currie has a record at, but has the same date of birth and I have suspicions about (which may be the lowest number) (identified)

Gough has a (hidden) primary at
and duplicates at,,,,,, and

Rawlinson's hidden primary seems to be at
with duplicates at:

Last of this bunch, Horne is also pretty prolific:
Sneaky primary is,
duplicates are: (!!)

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You have left! (?) (thinking…)
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  • Guy Wisbey commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks once again, Yvonne - yes, totally agree with your pragmatic approach - especially having wrongly entered data on a duplicate and having to redo it!
    As usual, no hurry, I've just come across them while doing something else, but I think it's helpful to identify them before someone else puts evidence on the wrong one.
    Best, Guy

  • Yvonne Fenter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hello Guy ... I'm just ploughing through these for you now.
    Re your comment about Byng having the wrong primary ... I agree with you that normally the Life Story associated with the "basic" medal card should be the primary one, with the duplicate Life Stories that were seeded from MiD cards etc being secondaries.
    However, when merging Life Stories, we also have to consider whether any of the Life Stories involved already have evidence, facts, images, and stories etc linked to them, and how many Lives members have been involved in updating them. We then make a decision about which Life Story will be the primary, taking all those factors into account too, so that we cause the least work for other people.
    (When we make a Life Story that has had info added by someone, or is remembered by someone, we contact them to let them know, and ask them to copy info they've added to the new primary. In some instances we have to contact multiple people.)
    So in some cases, such as this one, where lots of evidence etc has been added by a number of people to one particular Life Story, we can end up nominating as the primary a Life Story that was originally created from a MiD or other card, rather than from the standard medal card.
    It's not ideal, but it is a pragmatic approach, and as long as when doing the merge we ensure that all the medal cards, including the "Standard" one are linked to the Life Story as evidence, then that's fine.
    Hope that makes sense!
    Yvonne (IWM Volunteer)

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