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  1. Can I delete anything from a Life Story?

  2. Can I send you my photos/memorabilia?

  3. Can I use information or images on my own website?

  4. Can l purchase a bulk subscription?

  5. Can someone be added as a new Life Story?

  6. Do I have to pay to see records?

  7. How can I correct an error?

  8. How can I subscribe?

  9. How do I add a Life Story to a Community?

  10. How do I add images?

  11. How do I add information to a Life Story?

  12. How do I cancel my subscription?

  13. How do I create a Community?

  14. How do I delete a Community?

  15. How do I edit a Community?

  16. How do I find out more about the centenary of the First World War and what else is happening?

  17. How do I find someone?

  18. How does 'Remembering' work?

  19. How is Lives of the First World War different from other centenary projects?

  20. How is Lives of the First World War different from other memorials?

  21. How long will the site be available for?

  22. How will you use information or images I add?

  23. How will you use my personal information?

  24. I already subscribe to an online genealogy service.

  25. I am a teacher. Are there any resources for schools?

  26. I am interested in making a significant gift to help ensure the First World War generation continues to be remembered. How do I contact IWM?

  27. I can't remember my password.

  28. I have already done research into many people involved in the First World War. Why should I get involved with Lives of the First World War?

  29. I want to change what emails I receive.

  30. I want to merge two or more Life Stories.

  31. I want to update my details.

  32. I work at a museum that has some information, resources or collections relating to people on Lives of the First World War. Can you provide a link to my museum?

  33. Is Lives of the First World War finished?

  34. Is the site accessible on all browsers and devices?

  35. What am I allowed to upload?

  36. What is a Community?

  37. What is a Life Story?

  38. What records can I view?

  39. Why can't I find the person I am looking for?

  40. Why do Communities require a subscription?

  41. Why do some Life Stories look blank?

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