How can I correct an error?

With so many Life Stories, it's possible that mistakes or confusion may slip in. Original records may contain conflicting information, or users might have connected evidence to the wrong Life Story. Errors may also be made by users adding facts incorrectly, or new evidence might be found.

The more sources of evidence that can be connected to a Life Story, the more likely the story can be pieced together accurately.

If you think there is a mistake on a Life Story, you can:
  • Improve the fact, if a user added it
  • Submit corrections if you think there is an error in the transcription for an official record
  • Let us know if you cannot agree on a corrected fact with another user.

Improving a fact

  1. First investigate the fact in the Known Facts area. Click 'View Source' to see which source of evidence was used to add the fact. 
  2. Do you have a better source of evidence? If so, connect it as an official record, uploaded image, or external reference.
  3. Click 'Add Facts from this Evidence'. 
  4. Choose the fact and click 'Improve’ to edit the fields and add the correct information.
  5. Select ‘Continue’ and then ‘Save these Facts’ to save your work.

Reporting an error or abuse

If you and another user cannot agree on a fact, or if someone has added offensive or inappropriate material to a Life Story, you can report the problem to us.

  1. Click the cog icon and select ‘Report Abuse’.
  2. Select a reason why you are reporting the fact to us.
  3. Tell us more about the problem in the box provided.
  4. Select ‘Submit Report’.
  5. We will investigate and respond to you as soon as we can, although we cannot promise to remove content. We may ask you to tell us more about the problem via email, so that we can look into a solution as helpfully as possible.

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